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Fingers crossed I like it for running because for anything else it has been great.We got it for her when she was just getting used to sitting on her own.

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I used to use the app for tracking feeding and napping schedules as well, but now I manage that daily in my head.I am going to make the disclaimer right out of the gate that I am not a baby expert.I will continue to update the page as our little one gets older, and possibly as we add more peanuts to the family.Baby Feeding Equipment The different bottles, spoons, heaters, etc. are endless.The first is to use Clever Training with either the coupon code (DCR10BTF) or the VIP program.

Would love to see the Rainmaker style grid comparison of these products.Glad to hear that you found it pretty good because most people I see are using a Chariot.REI recommended it to us as outdoorsy parents and after 5 years of usage, hubs and i highly recommend the combo. i believe either mountain tales mama or similar bloggers also recommend the chassis.As the story progresses, one squishy bear disappears after each turn of the page.Wipe Warmer: I thought this was a little silly at first, but it was a gift we received so I gave it a shot.

Sample records for months future studies. underwent a neuroimaging session during which they listened to their own and unfamiliar baby.We even get cool graphs for our Peanuts weight gain and percentiles.

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Ours lasted for years on trips all over the world and through two children.

Probably saved our wallets as I was threating to buy plane tickets for the rest of the legs of our West Coast travels.

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This band went around the top of my regular skinny jeans and allowed me to wear non-maternity jeans pretty close to the 7 month mark.We ended up going with the Chicco Bravo travel system instead of the Britax, but love it as well.

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Think of me as you want:) Diaper Genie: This was another present we received.


Teaches looking under things, coordination dropping balls into two different openings, numbers 1-8 and colors.I think the semi flexibility in the blocks allows for a little more success (and thus motivation) in creating stacks.Chariot (Cougar 1, soon to upgrade to a 2-kid Chariot for springtime) plus the Stroll-Smart hands-free adapter for running has been amazing.Bright Stars Floor Mirror: From the beginning we noticed The Peanut liked mirrors.

Do you wish you had a dedicate run stroller and bike trailer or is the convertible the way to go.Phhhhewww Stroller Carabiners: Since we are living without a car, I am also without a vehicle trunk.

I (personally) think it helps her with her core strength as she can sit up for longer and longer now.Sesame Street Waterproof Bath Books: These are great for bath time.Play Mat: I have been a big fan so far of the Skip Hop brand.BBPM2203 MARKETING MANAGEMENT IIZahari Mohamad Nor Pujawati.The Lille is my best friend, and the noise machine is worth every sent.

But your kid will love it, sit there clapping to the songs, and stay engaged for a long time.This whole system is crazy easy to assemble, super durable, and the wheels are big for cobblestone shock absorption.I am not a marathon runner or hardcore trail runner, but for general jogging, baby pushing, etc. it is tough to beat.

In fact, my knees and IT bands had not felt that good since I was like 12 years old, so I ran 10km every other day for 33 weeks.